clinical nutrition

Dr. Alenov uses four online stores to supply all the necessary products to his patients. (click on store name to order)

  1. InSite Nutrition

  2. BodyHealth

  3. AWC Online Store

  4. Wellevate


InSite Nutrition is Dr. Alenov’s personal nutritional company. The seven products offered by InSite Nutrition are very unique and represent the best nutraceutical products currently on the market.

BodyHealth was created by Dr. David Minkoff of Clearwater Florida and his BodyHealth products are extremely unique and amazingly effective. Dr. Minkoff created his line of products to “fill in the gaps” for his wellness clinic. He helps people from all over the world with chronic illness. His focus and expertise is chronic toxicity and organ recovery.

The AWC Online Store allows you to order supplements that Dr. Alenov uses in his clinical work. The following nutritional companies can be found on the AWC Store.

  • Des Bio

  • New Human

NOTE: To log-in and place an order on the AWC Online Store simply use the same user name and password you use to make an appointment at Alenov Wellness Center.

Wellevate is similar to the AWC Online store, except for its size. Wellevate offers patients access to 350 nutritional product lines and over 15,000 products. Obviously not all of these products are used personally by Dr. Alenov, but if a necessary supplement is supplied by Wellevate you will be directed to this site to purchase the product.